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For those unaware of the purpose of the "Auld Mason's stane", it is intended to promote good-hearted rivalry amongst the Sheds,
and as a "bonus" to raise donations for Charities.

The "capture" of the Stane is therefore warmly commended as cheerful, fraternal fun and as a fund generating activity.

1. The "Open Season" is from 1st Jan till the 1st December.

2. The Stane can only be "captured" by Sheds in the U.K.

3. To "capture" the Stane a visiting Shed must take a Deputation of at least 5 members (honorary members are excluded!)
into any Regular or Special Meeting of the Shed holding the Stane. The visiting Shed can only "count" its members forming the
Deputation that enters the Shed holding the Stane. Latecomers after the Deputation enters don't "count".

4. Sheds invited for conferring a degree in the "holding" Shed can claim the Stane if there is no other Shed with 5 members or more.

5. Each member of the Visiting Deputation must contribute at least 1 to the "Auld Mason's stane Kitty" before the Stane can be claimed
by the Visiting Shed and the Brither heading the Deputation must claim the Stane before the close of the meeting (rappin' o' the Shed)
of the Shed being visited.

6. In the event of two or more Visiting Deputations, each with at least 5 brethren, visiting the "holding" Shed, the Visiting Shed with
the larger Deputation will have first claim on the Stane, subject to payment into the "Kitty". If there are two or more Sheds each with
the same size of Deputation, then each Deputation will be required to contribute to the "Kitty" and thereafter the Shed entitled to "capture"
the Stane will be decided in such manner as the Worthy Deacon of the "holding" Shed may determine on the day/evening.

7. On the "capture" of the successful Shed will immediately be recorded by the Boxmaister so that the location of the Stane can be recorded for
information of Sheds interested in attempting its "capture".

8. The "Kitty" will travel with the Stane and the Worthy Deacon holding the Stane at any time will be responsible for the safe custody of the "Kitty".

9. The Shed holding the Stane at 1st December shall determine the charity the kitty shall be donated to. The Shed will contact the Mither Shed
intimating the nominated charity and the "Kitty" shall be made over to the charity as soon as practicable.

Publicity should be sought when presenting the donation.

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