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John Stewart-Murray, 8th Duke of Atholl, Grand Master Mason from 19091913
and admitted as a Squareman to the Mither Shed on the 1st December 1908.

Brigadier General John George Stewart-Murray, 8th Duke of Atholl KT, GCVO, CB, DSO, PC, ADC (15 December 1871 16 March 1942),
styled Marquess of Tullibardine until 1917, was a Scottish soldier and Unionist politician.

Minute extract from 1st December 1908.

The first to be admitted was a young man, very well known in Scotland
as a good soldier and well known in masonry.
When asked his name, he said it was Tullibardine and his proposer said he was the
Marquess of that ilk [1] and although that was his title his name is Murray, son of
James Murray, Duke of Atholl but in spite of those disadvantages he was a
good mason and a high head one, he being the Grand Master Mason of Scotland
he was likewise made welcome.

[1] (Prepositional phrase of that ilk. Used other than with a figurative or
idiomatic meaning. Of that kind; of the same kind of person or thing as the one
just mentioned. (Scotland) Having a name that is the same as the place where
one lives. Johnstone of that ilk = Johnstone from Johnstone.)

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