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Current Billet.

By Request o' the Worthy Deacon Dicky Davies ,
You are invited to attend the regular meetin o' the season that will be hudden
within the Guards Club opposite Haymarket Station in Auld Reekie Toon at 7pm for 7.30pm
meeting stert, times by the St Giles's Knock, on the 3rd o' November 2017.


Nominations for Office Bearers for the Next Season should be proposed on this night.
ALL offices are vacant.
We have Candidates for this meeting so a great turnout is requested to welcome them.
Noo, we ken yull bring alang any mair candidates ye kin find so that we can stert
the season wae a bang, so wull try and test the New Tradesmen that ye brocht alang
wae ye and gee him the secrets if he merits thum, so bring alang awe the spare
dross ye have in yer siller poaket and gee a leg up to wur charities.
Close the meetin by Rappin the Shed if awebody's happy.
Then wull' retire tae the baur an' fill wur faces wae pies, beans and beer and gang hame happy.
As this is a wurkin meetin, be shair tae bring yer Brat and yer Pipe.
Mind and waur yer tie wae the stripe the richt way up.
Bring plenty o' loose siller.

3rd November 2017 at Guards Club 7pm for 7.30pm (Note Date Change)
2nd December 2017 half yearly meeting at 1pm followed by Grand Shed visit at 3pm
13thJanuary 2018 New Years Meeting at 2.30pm (Note Date Change)

If onyboady wants a billet sent to thum afore each meeting please send a request tae me at Email Worthy Deacon and it wull be done.

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