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Current Billet.

Billets are emailed out as a matter of courtesy, due to the impact of the General Data Protection Regulation
all records that were held by the Mither Shed containing member's personal data without their consent were destroyed.
Now we are rebuilding our database of members by using forms whereby they give their written consent allowing us
to hold their details securely. We understand that this is inconvenient but unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it.
However, the current billet will always be on this page and in the menu you'll find the meetings for the year listed as well.
There is also the Grand Shed website where you can find all the list of all Sheds, their meeting dates and times.

If anyone wishes a billet sent to them email your name and address to:The Boxie. and as long as you meet the criteria you'll be sent one.

In light of the developments in both Scotland and UK wide I am taking the difficult decision to cancel meetings until further notice.
I feel it is an unnecessary risk to our Brithers and visitors .
I could never forgive myself if any of our members or guests developed this extremely serious condition.
PLEASE inform as many as you can who may be intending to come to our meeting.
I apologise for the very short notice but with developments in the last few hours I feel it is the correct decision.

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